Civic monitoring of the Police reform in Moldova

Stronger governance
480,000 EUR (EU contribution is 384,000 EUR)
Promo-LEX Association
2018 - 2021
The main objective of the action is to strengthen the accountability, efficiency and transparency of the Police Reform in the Republic of Moldova.  

The specific objectives proposed for the achievement of the project goal are outlined below: 

  1. Civic monitoring and evaluation of the reforms and activities laid out in the Strategy of Police Development 2016-2020 and the EU Budget Support Programme 2017-2020 allocated for the implementation of the respective strategy; 

  1. Ensuring public transparency and accountability with regard to the process and outcomes of the Police Reform in Moldova; 

  1. Facilitating the increase of public trust in Police through capacity building, civic education, monitoring and outreach activities carried out by local NGOs as well as by Promo-LEX (through its nationwide network of monitors and local coordinators) around the targets/outcomes and good practices resulted from the implementation of the police reform.  


The target group of the action is composed of the following bodies and institutions: 

  • General Inspectorate of Police, 

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs, 

  • Civil society organizations, including the local organizations, 

  • Media organizations. 


Final beneficiaries: 

  • The Police reform implementing bodies and their employees; 

  • The society at large as beneficiaries of services provided by the Police. 


Estimated results of the project: 

  • A comprehensive methodology for the monitoring of the Police reform; 

  • 6 monitoring reports on the implementation of the Police reform; 

  • 6 roundtables for the presentation and discussion of the reports; 

  • 9 debates with the participation of the reform implementing partners and other stakeholders on the targets, outcomes and reform process;  

  • an online platform for the interaction between citizens, Police and CSOs; 

  • 80000 Euro offered as sub-grants during the project life (min. 8 – max. 16 sub-grants / from 5000 to 10000 Euro per sub-grant; 

  • 3 workshops for Police communicators and journalists on good practices for communication and exchange of information; 

  • 3 nationwide information campaigns about the objectives and outcomes of the police reform. 


Contact details: 

Pavel Postica, Program Director 

Monitoring Democratic Processes Program 

Promo-LEX Association  


23/13, Mitropolit Petru Movila str., Chisinau, MD-2004, Republic of Moldova 

Tel. +373 22 449 626, Fax +373 22 450 024 

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