Capacity Building of the National Center for Personal Data Protection

Stronger governance
999,911.32 Euro
The German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation and Ministry of Justice of Latvia
2017 - 2020
The overall objective of the EU funded Twinning Project is to ensure a high level of personal data protection and respect of the right to privacy in the Republic of Moldova, in accordance with the European Union’s legal framework and standards. A second important goal is to support the lawful exchange of personal data between EU Member States and the Republic of Moldova beyond May 2018 which is when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes directly applicable in EU Member States and when Directive 2016/680 will need to have been transposed in their national legislation.

The Twinning Project's purpose is threefold:


  • to harmonise the Republic of Moldova's national legislation in the field of data protection with the European Union’s legal framework and standards, 

  • to strengthen the Moldovan National Centre for Personal Data Protection's capabilities, 

  • to raise awareness around data protection legislation among data subjects, data controllers and data processors. 


Mandatory results:

  1. National legislation on personal data protection is harmonized with the EU acquis, including with the provisions of the GDPR and EU Directive 2016/680.

  2. Capacity of the National Centre for Personal Data Protection and other relevant stakeholders in enforcing personal data protection law is strengthened

  3. The level of awareness on the principles, legal provisions and implications of the GDPR among data subjects (general public), data controllers and data processors (private companies, central and local authorities) is increased 

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