Capacity building and revitalizing of the civil society in Gagauzia

Stronger society
10,000 Euro
Public Association “Pro-Europe” European Center of Comrat
2018 - 2018
Overall objective of the project: Capacity building and activation of NGOs in Gagauzia to improve the ability to improve the lives of citizens in society, influence decision-making processes at the local and regional levels, through engaging in dialogue with the authorities and public institutions.

Creation of two new civil society organizations: 15 young people from Gagauzia will undergo a series of trainings to learn how to create and effectively manage NGOs, how to write and implement projects, search for funds and PR. Trained and most active young people will be supported by the project through the creation and support of new NGOs.

Increasing the skills and knowledge of young people in the area of ​​NGO functioning and project implementation: Representatives of newly established NGOs will be trained in non-profit organizations in Slovakia to obtain information on work in the non-profit sector, and they will be given the opportunity to participate in the mini-grant competition.



-  A minimum of 15 people were trained during the three training sessions;
-  7 trainees representing the cities of Avdarma, Ceadir Lunga and Vulcanesti established 3 new NGO;
-  With the precious support of an NGO consultant and a legal consultant, their registration documents were submitted on the 22th of June in Chisinau;
-  They are now settled in their new equipped premises and will soon start working on their first projects implementation;
-  6 trainees from the 3 established NGO went to Slovakia for a 5 days study visit;
-  Media coverage: 10 articles on pro Europa’s website; 5 publications by Gagauzinfo; 1 publication gagauzmedia; 1 publication by

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20 A. Lenin str., Comrat
+ 373 60770088

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