Capacity Assessment and Modernisation of the Republican Clinical Hospital (RCH)

Stronger society
3,000,000.00 Euro
Ministry of Health / Council of Europe Development Bank
2008 - 2013
Modernisation of the Republican Clinical Hospital (RCH) is an extremely relevant multi-donor intervention, as only small reparation works were conducted in the RCH, constructed about 30 years ago. The EU grant, allocated through the Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) and amounting to EUR 3 M, contributes to implementation of this project.

With gradual implementation of the RCH reconstruction and renovation, foreseen to be carried out till 2017, quality of its medical services will improve. It is expected that the number of in-patients per year will raise from 24,700 to 28,400 and the number of outpatient consultations – from 146,300 to 174,200, the number of beds will be reduced from 740 to 600, the average length of stay in hospital will decrease from seven-eight to five days and the number of nosocomial infections will be reduced by 20%. In the long-run perspective the waiting list time is planned to be reduced from 3.5 months to 10 days. Summarising, the project facilitates implementation of the health sector reforms in Moldova and helps significantly raise the quality and efficiency of health services (the project Overall Objective), thus contributing to improvement of health of population.


Project has a strong impact. It will strengthen and expand surgical profile of the RCH. The number of surgical interventions will increase from 15,400 to 18,500, including increase of celioscopic minor surgery by 120%, ophthalmologic – by 45% and otolaryngologic – by 66%. Furthermore, new types of surgical interventions will be introduced. Transplantations started in April 2012 are suggested to reach 139 operations annually.

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