Better managing the mobility of health professionals in the Republic of Moldova

Stronger society
2,000,000.00 Euro
World Health Organization
2011 - 2015
Funded under the Annual Action Programme 2010 for Cooperation with Third Countries in the Areas of Migration and Asylum, the project is aligned well with the EU Development cooperation policy for Moldova. Since independence about 40% of health workforce quitted the job and migrated to other economic sectors or abroad. The existing education system could replenish these losses, but up to 1/3 of graduates in some cases seem not to be interested to start the professional career in the health system, this leading to considerable brain waste and brain drain. The project will help consolidate the health personnel management system and mainstream the migration flows through circular mobility mechanisms. The main project partner is the Ministry of Health (MoH) with affiliated structures dealing with human resource for health (HRH) management and a large number of stakeholders, varying from line ministries to academic institutions and civil society organisations. All project stakeholders are highly interested in the project outcomes and fully support it.

Preparation of solid grounds for initiation of bilateral negotiations on health professionals' mobility with targeted countries will contribute to the mainstreaming of the migration flows. This will permit professionals to apply for a job with decent conditions, ensure access to social benefits and offer diverse possibilities for career building. However, in the view of still fragile institutional capacity of certain project partners, i.e. recent establishment, still ongoing recruitment, insufficient operational experience might be an obstacle in absorbing the offered knowledge and new practices within the remained implementation timeline.

Communication strategy, baseline review of the recent changes in the health sector in Moldova, survey on internal migration of the health professionals to other sectors, as well as several workshops and a study tour to Barcelona, plus valuable reports for education institutions on curricula development and self-assessment, may be mentioned among the already produced deliverables. The developed technical reports on the status of play of the MoH health personnel database and HR management, with clear references on the existing gaps and well-targeted recommendations for improvements, are worth special mentioning.

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