Balti Trolleybus Company

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1.600.000 Euro
Austrian Development Agency
2012 - 2012
With a population of approximately 150,000 inhabitants, Balti is the second largest city in the Republic of Moldova. Since the 1970s, the City was equipped with a fleet of trolleybuses which, by 2012 were in bad condition. Two thirds of the trolleybuses had been in use for over 20 years and required extensive maintenance efforts and resources in order to continue running. Around 1 in 7 trips (i.e. 15%) were cancelled due to the lack of suitable maintenance equipment, whilst functioning trolleybuses were regularly overloaded. The EU and EBRD joined efforts to renew the fleet of trolleybuses in Balti. Between March 2014 and June 2015, the EU provided 1.6 million Euros of support through a grant for this project, whilst EBRD provided a 3 million Euro loan.  The Project was successfully implemented.

Thanks to the EU and EBRD, the Balti Trolleybus Municipal Enterprise is now equipped with 23 new low floor trolleybuses, which have been in continuous operation since November 2014. The Enterprise also benefited from a full modernisation of its Workshop with the purchase of new washing units, trolleybus maintenance machinery, spare parts, power supply infrastructure components,  modernisation of its IT and office equipment, as well as monitoring systems that enable the company to improve its revenue collection.

With the allocated investment and technical cooperation the company improved reliability, increased service speed, decreased maintenance staffing and costs, and was able to retain its market share and role as the backbone of the City’s transport system, rendering frequent and relatively high capacity services at affordable prices.


Thanks to the Project, the Balti Trolleybus Municipal Enterprise is now a transformed company, is more cost efficient and delivers quality services to the inhabitants of Balti:

-  The project generates energy efficiency benefits of ca. 10-15% annually as the new trolleybuses use modern technologies and generate significant power savings;
-  Working conditions for employees of the Trolleybus Municipal Enterprise have significantly increased;
-  Passengers enjoy more comfortable trolleybuses with WIFI and specific access for handicapped people;
-  Renovation of the vehicle fleet enabled the company to open one new route and raise the total number of serviced routes to four. The Company also increased the number of kilometres covered (+ca. 30%).

As a direct result of the above, the people from Balti have access to cleaner, safer and more reliable transportation.

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