Advancing Human rights based-policing in Republic of Moldova

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Soros Foundation Moldova
2018 - 2021
The new Advancing Human Rights-Based Policing in Moldova project is a three-year programmed action that will assist the Moldovan police to secure human rights standards and practices while safeguarding public order and security.

Core activities of the project are:

  • Developing Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) on medical assistance, on translation and interpretation;
  • Developing a Practice-based Handbook for Police “Human Rights in a Nutshell”;
  • Developing Needs Assessment on the interaction between criminal investigators and prosecutors and its major impact on human rights during pre-trial stage;
  • Conducting Victimization and Public Confidence Survey;
  • Developing Guidelines for monitoring police detention facilities and training legal aid lawyers;
  • Implementing community based policing initiatives in 10 rural communities: research and collection of best practices on community policing projects; supporting community policing initiatives jointly developed by paralegals/community leaders/grassroots organizations and police officers.

As a result, two Standard Operational Procedures on medical assistance, on translation and interpretation will be developed and endorsed by MoIA and GPI. The action will identify police shortcomings which negatively impact human rights during the pre-trial stage of proceedings. It will also decrypt impediments in the implementation of police internal regulatory frameworks and developed recommendations in accordance with the European and international human rights standards and experiences.

The skills and abilities of the police to observe human rights at the pre-trial stage when arresting suspects will be enhanced after training at least 100 police officers. The Practice-based Handbook for Police “Human Rights in a Nutshell” will be published and distributed to practitioners.

Capacities of lawyers and human rights defenders to conduct monitoring and collect data and information about the apprehension and custody of suspects will be improved: 100 legal aid lawyers, civil society representatives and Ombudsman staff will be trained on implementation of Monitoring Tools on Police Custody Rights Observance, the Ombudsman and the prosecution system will receive a new source of data and information about the situation of the individuals apprehended by police, the potential abuses, and ill-treatment or torture instances.

The Victimization and public Survey will provide to the GPI/MoIA and other justice sector stakeholders the baseline data on how the citizens perceive the criminal phenomena in the country, personal safety the victimization degree and performance of police and other criminal justice institutions.

Through grants program, Police and communities from Moldovan regions will be enabled to implement community policing partnership programs at the grassroots level.



  • The first target group is the General Police Inspectorate (GPI), its subordinated units, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA), and other pre-trial criminal justice actors;
  • The final beneficiaries of the first target group are the police officers who are directly involved in the apprehension, arrest, guarding, escorting and transportation of potential suspects;
  • The action target group are the grassroots civil society organizations (CSOs), civic activists, community based paralegals, (members of the national paralegals network) from 10 rural communities and legal aid lawyers - members of the national legal aid system;
  • The final beneficiaries of the second target group are people in contact with police and crime suspects, who will benefit from a better protection of their rights."


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