Access to success: partnerships for self-sustainable community development

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779,775.00 EUR
Consortium of organisations: Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova, Public association„EcoContact”, Public organisation „Ecospectr” and Non-governamental Organisation „Moștenitorii”
2017 - 2020
The project „Access to success: partnerships for self-sustainable community development” aims at developing local communities in both banks of the Dniester river, based on Asset-Based Community Development model (ABCD approach), through identifying local resources and needs as well as through co-financing local development projects, in domains such as: culture and sport, ecology, tourism, social sphere and youth.

The project consists of two main phases: capacity building and exchange of experience and implementation of local development projects under the small grants scheme for communities (with each project budget making up to 25,000.00 EUR).

The small grants scheme aims to strengthen the established cross-river partnerships and consolidate local development, what might become an effective instrument for building confidence between communities from both banks.




The main aim of the project is establishment and consolidation of the inter-sectorial local partnerships and cross-river cooperation between communities from both banks of the Dniester river. The project involved 42 local organisations and community initiative groupsfrom both banks,providing confidence building through community development. The local partners have been supported in the process of the identification of local resources and their potential, by applying the „Asset-based community development” method (ABCD). At the same time,the partners were trained onorganizational and strategic development, exchangesat both national and international levels. This activities were organized withinstudy visits, and other actions designed to recognize local development as a concrete efficient instrument for strengthening confidence building. The project has established 21 cross-river development partnerships. Following the process of evaluation, 15 of these partnerships were consolidated through small grants scheme, which supports local development projects and contributes at strengthening the mutual trust among these communities.


The local joint community initiatives from both banks of Dniester aimed at social and economic development of their communities, consisting of soft and hard components, including a component of joint activities and experience sharing and acting in the interests of their communities.

When talking aboutconcrete results we can mention the development and improvingthe conditions for 28 infrastructure projects, 35 organized tenders, purchase of various equipment, around 100 working meetings, 30 local events, 35 common events, involving local and regional authorities, local deputies on the left bank, entrepreneurs, diaspora, volunteers, local citizens etc.


Innovation of the project is about the used mechanisms of local community participation and the fact that local partners are owners of the local process. This means piloting new approaches,solving local problems bydeveloping systemic decisions.


At this stage people are socialising even outside of the programme agenda, paying working and friendly visits to each other, they managed to establish friendships and have common visions and plans. They really hope the program will be a sustainable one.This confirms the fact that program reached its main goal, and the created partnerships are strategic.


Contact details:

  •  General
  •  Action Coordinator (Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova): Irina Arpentii, +373 68 607 735,
  •  Action Coordinator (EcoContact): Ion Marin, +373 68 099 347,
  •  Action Coordinator (Ecospetr): Ivan Ignatiev, +373 60 446 020,
  •  Action Coordinator (Moștenitorii): Nicolai Moscalu, +373 79 848 077,
  •  Action Manager (Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova): Tomasz Horbowski, +373 78 168 664,

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