Citizens' Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova

Stronger society
4,900,000 Euro
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
2019 - 2021
The overall objective of the project is to empower citizens through constructive participation of civil society organizations (CSO) in local, regional and national decision-making processes.The engagement of citizens during the planning, design, and delivery of public services shall empower them to hold public authorities accountable and curb corruption.

For implementation of the project, four CSOs to implement a local grants programme at the regional level and one CSO to increase outreach and communication potential were selected. These are: Pro Cooperare Regională & CASMED in North, Asociația pentru Guvernare Eficientă și Responsabilă & ADR Habitat in Center, CRAION CONTACT-Cahul in South, Centrul European Pro-Europa în Comrat & Centrul CONTACT in TAU Gagauzia and Asociația Presei Independente for outreach and communication.


The organizations will ensure the following in their respective region and field of activity:


  • assistance to local CSOs to improve citizens engagement in decision-making processes, including monitoring of public procurement, public construction works and delivery of local public services;
  • sub-grant to local CSOs to implement small-scale projects to support socio-economic and sustainable local development based on citizen’s needs;
  • support awareness raising campaigns for improving public service delivery;
  • facilitate and foster the exchange of experiences and good practices on communication and awareness-raising for a citizen-oriented service delivery.


The beneficiaries of the project are:


  • Citizens – women and men, girls and boys – in the development regions North, Centre, South and Gagauzia - as the ultimate beneficiaries,
  • civil society organizations, especially at the local level,
  • local and regional CSOs in communication and media outlets,
  • networks of civil society organizations.


As result of its activities, the project is expecting to reach the following:


  • 1800 citizens participate in planning and oversight activities related to procurement, management, operation and maintenance of local public services of local public Services;
  • 600 representatives of LPAs trained to apply the participatory approaches in planning processes;
  • 3200 citizens - including pupils of public schools - with increased awareness of issues regarding sustainable development, including water and sanitation services, solid waste management, and energy and energy efficiency as well as the impact on climate change;
  • 240 representatives of mass media are trained to raise awareness at the local and regional levels about sustainable development and local public services.


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373 22 228319, + 373 22 000238

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